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tidy kitchen with white cabinets and small appliances

The Essential Guide to Organising Your Small Kitchen Appliances

The art of kitchen organisation, especially when dealing with small kitchen appliances, is no less than a culinary dance. With the busy atmosphere of an Australian kitchen, having every tool in its place becomes the backbone of efficiency. 

Let Appliances Warehouse guide you into how to streamline your kitchen and make the most of your space with your favourite appliances.

Organise Appliances According To Your Cooking Style

One size doesn’t fit all, especially in the kitchen. Depending on whether you’re whipping up a smoothie or prepping for a barbecue, small kitchen appliances need to be placed with precision.

Raw Food Enthusiasts

Do blenders frequently hum in your kitchen? Keep them at arm’s length so you can have all of your meals on the go.

Veggie Lovers

With our top-rated cooking appliances, like microwaves and built-in ovens, you can have greens prepped and cooked just moments away.

Meat Aficionados

You might want your trusted slow cooker or perhaps a reliable stove to be multi-purposed and easily accessible.

Group Your Appliances With Efficiency In Mind

Group your appliances by their frequency of use. Whether it’s the daily ritual with the coffee machine or the monthly waffle indulgence, the frequency can dictate their position in your kitchen.  From our extensive range of products, you can explore and expand your collection.

Declutter and Make Space for What Matters

There’s nothing more satisfying than a decluttered kitchen space. Pare down your small kitchen appliances by understanding what you use regularly.

  • Multi-use Appliances – For those tight on space, consider multi-functional appliances. Why not check out our built in ovens that double up as microwaves?
  • Questioning the Need – Is the rice cooker collecting dust while the stockpot gets overused? Analyse and adjust. Perhaps it’s time to explore a two-in-one appliance.

Don’t Hold Onto The Past

Those appliances that looked appealing but haven’t seen the light of day need to move on. That juicer you bought on a whim or the egg poacher that seemed like a good idea might be taking up valuable space.

For appliances that are still functional but no longer serve you, consider donating them. Alternatively, if they’ve seen better days, check with local recycling centres or try platforms like Freecycle.

Reduce Clutter in Your Cabinet

Your cabinets can be the unsung heroes of your kitchen if used wisely. Some of our tips include:

  • Wrap the cords carefully – Ensure cords are neatly wrapped. Consider using cable ties for added neatness.
  • Placing less used appliances higher in the shelf  – This applies to seasonal and less frequently used appliances.
  • Download digital manuals – Free up space by saving appliance manuals online on your computer of mobile device. Most manufacturer websites have instructions to download.
  • Store smaller goods in bags instead – For tricky small parts of your appliances, zip-lock bags can be a saviour.

Just as your wardrobe changes with the seasons, so can your appliance storage. Perhaps the ice cream maker is a summer hero, while the slow cooker shines in winter. Adjust their positions seasonally by storing them away in the garage or your kitchen cabinets to make your life easier.

Maintenance is Key

With the right maintenance, small kitchen appliances can have a long life. Regularly review, clean, and if necessary, upgrade your kitchen tools. With the array of options at Appliances Warehouse, you’ll always find something to suit your evolving needs.

Finally, while organisation is crucial, ensure your kitchen serves its primary purpose – a space to create, enjoy and share food. With Appliances Warehouse’s collection, you’re always one step closer to culinary perfection.

We aim for our online shopping experience to be easy and simple. You can browse all of our kitchen appliances and buy products from leading brands online today.