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Bosch Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher SMS6HCB01A


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With a stunning black inox finish, this Bosch Serie 6 Freestanding Dishwasher adds a modern touch, making this a perfect addition to a contemporary kitchen.
Inside, the baskets and racks are designed to give you greater flexibility. From the adaptable Max Flex Pro baskets to the adjustable Rackmatic, loading your dishwasher has never been easier. There are eight programs available to suit your needs. Save on energy use with Eco Wash or quickly clean a small, lightly soiled load with Express Wash. You can even run the dishwasher and maintain a peaceful environment with the ExtraQuiet cycle. There are also special options available including HygienePlus for thoroughly cleaned dishes and SpeedPerfect if you need to reduce the washing time.
Enhance and simplify the way you do your dishwashing chores with this reliable and intelligently designed dishwasher from Bosch.
Bosch Home Connect Dishwashers

Create a smarter and better connected home with Bosch’s Home Connect appliances. Designed to be remotely controlled using a dedicated smartphone app, you can make everyday chores easier and day-to-day routines more seamless.

ExtraDry for a perfect finish

You shouldn’t have to dry your dishes after your dishwasher is done cleaning them. With just the touch of a button, activating this unit’s ExtraDry option uses higher temperatures during the rinse cycle and a longer drying phase to ensure every dish and utensil is perfectly dried.

Extra Clean Zone

For dishes that are tough to clean, placing them on the Extra Clean Zone provides more water saturation and a thorough wash to effortlessly get rid of stubborn grease.

DosageAssist for optimised washing

To maximise the effectiveness of your detergent tablets, and to achieve an overall better cleaning performance, DosageAssist drops the tablets into a special tray which is targeted by water jets, for an evenly dissolved tablet. This system prevents detergent residue while thoroughly cleaning your dishes.

Factory Second, 1 Year Warranty