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ILVE 120cm Flushline Natural Gas Cooktop with Tepanyaki Plate HP125FDT


Out of stock

This Gas Cooktop from ILVE offers a spacious 120cm wide cooking space and boasts six gas burners, including a wok burner for amazing stir frys, and ILVE’s innovative stainless steel teppanyaki plate. With so many features and a large cooking area, this cooktop is designed to perform and will handle anything you throw at it.

The precision control burners give you full control over your cooking so you can lightly simmer or intensely sear effortlessly. Cleaning is easy, thanks to fewer crevices and removable trivets and burner caps. Automatic electronic ignition makes it easy to get going. For added safety, each burner is fitted with a flame failure safety device, meaning if a flame goes out, the gas supply is cut.

The slim design allows for flush mounting, integrating beautifully into your worktop. Finished with durable and attractive stainless steel, this 120cm makes a true statement and complements any kitchen style.

Versatile cooking

Use the Teppanyaki style griddle plate to easily fry eggs or cook a juicy steak. Ideal for the colder months when you don’t want to turn on the BBQ but still want a summer style meal.

Wok Burner

The dedicated wok burner comfortably fits your wok pans so you can effectively get that amazing sizzle for your stir frys.

Flame Failure Safety Device

These devices are fitted to each of the gas burners to provide extra safety. They work by cutting off the gas supply if there is no flame present.

Easy operation

The cooktop features an electronic ignition and it’s controlled by simple-to-use dials, taking away the use of dangerous matches and lighters.

Factory Second, 1 Year Warranty