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LG 637L GF-L706PL French Door Fridge Stainless Steel


Availability: Out of stock


This French door fridge from LG provides a generous capacity, able to provide storage space for busy households and large families.

The French door configuration makes it easy to access what’s inside and comes in handy when packing away items after a big supermarket shop. You can organise your food and beverages with ease using the spacious compartments and intelligent interior configuration. If you need to make space for awkwardly shaped items, the retractable shelf enables you to make room for tall or large items—perfect for those who enjoy entertaining. There’s a handy ice and water dispenser located on the fridge door for convenient access, a great feature to have when entertaining, or to quench your thirst during the balmy summer months. The ultra-efficient Surround Cooling system delivers outstanding air circulation thanks to strategically placed air vents located inside your fridge. By providing your food with ideal cooling conditions, you can enjoy fresh food for longer.

Combining innovative features, exceptional engineering, and a stunning stainless steel finish, this LG French door fridge is an outstanding option to meet and surpass the needs of a modern household.


Multiple strategically placed vents at the rear of the fridge deliver cold air consistently throughout the fridge cavity. Each shelf receives its own cooling so that every part of the fridge stays cold, ensuring efficiency and that your foods stay cold and fresh.

Slim in-door ice-maker

Enjoy refreshing ice on hand with the handy ice-maker built into the door. By having it in the door, it doesn’t impede on the fridge’s interior space.

LED lighting

LED lighting throughout the interior beautifully illuminates all of your items. LED bulbs are more energy-efficient, emit less heat, and are longer-lasting than traditional incandescent bulbs.


This air deodorisation system minimises odours in your fridge for a fresher, cleaner environment. This also helps to reduce your foods’ unique flavours from intermingling.

Brand New Stock, Damaged Box, 2 Years Warranty