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LG QuadWash XD5B14PS- Freestanding Dishwasher


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LG is renowned all over the world for their attention to detail and their market-shaking innovations, and you can expect the same when it comes to their dishwashers. Quadwash technology replaces the traditional two blade design of older dishwashers, with a four blade design, below. This four blade design features two oscillating arms that ensure even water coverage and spread – cleaning your dishes from multiple angles.

Powered by LG’s Inverter Direct Drive motor, you can control the power level on specific baskets, which means you can strong wash filthy pots and pans below, while softly washing delicate glassware up top.

The simple racking system inside of LG Quadwash dishwashers allows for flexibility when fitting everything in. And thanks to LG’s SmartThinQ connectivity tech, you can download new wash cycles, diagnose problems, and program your dishwasher directly from your smartphone. This LG dishwasher features 14 place settings with NFC connectivity and an efficient 5 star water rating.

Model shown in this video is the LG XD3A15BS, which is the only model with a cutlery tray up top.
QuadWash Technology

The bottom spray arm in this LG dishwasher features four spray blades, two of which have oscillating nozzles that evenly disperse water. This unique technology allows an even spread of water and cleaning from a variety of angles.
Inverter Direct Drive Motor

The motor inside this LG dishwasher has less moving parts, which allows for quieter operation and more reliable performance. Thanks to this unique LG-exclusive design, you can control the intensity of water in different baskets, depending on what you’re washing. Meaning heavily soiled items get a strong stream down below and lightly-soiled items get a gentle wash up top.
EasyRack Plus

LG’s internal racking system allows you to fold down tines to your preference or to raise only a quarter – making it simple to wash bowls, plates or large pots and pans. Adjusting the height of the top basket is dead-easy which makes fitting in awkward items, simpler.
SmartThinQ Tech

Controlling, programming, diagnosing and connecting to your dishwasher has never been easier, thanks to the in-built smart functionalities inside this LG dishwasher. Simply connect with the SmartThinQ app and you’ll have a wide range of control over this unit. Download wash programs, customise your own program or keep track of your dishwasher cleaning schedule – all from your smartphone.
New With Damaged Boxes, 2 years warranty.