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LG Series 9 12kg/8kg Front Load Washer Dryer Combo with Steam Black WVC9-1412B


Out of stock

The LG Series 9 12kg/8kg Front Load Washer Dryer Combo with Steam is an all-in-one laundry solution designed to make your life easier. With its intelligent features and outstanding performance, this appliance takes fabric care to a whole new level.

AI direct drive technology in this washer utilises artificial intelligence to analyse the weight of the load and assess fabric softness. It then selects the optimal wash motions from a database to ensure thorough cleaning and reduce wear on clothing.

Combining a 12kg washing machine with an 8kg dryer, this washer dryer combo allows you to complete your laundry from start to finish in a single appliance, saving you time and effort. The Allergy Care cycle with steam helps reduce exposure to common household allergens, while the Steam Refresh feature eliminates odours, keeping your clothes fresh between washes.

Durability is a priority. With a tempered glass door and stainless steel lifter, ensuring long-lasting performance. The design features an easy-to-view display and a large selection dial for convenient operation.

Thanks to LG ThinQ technology, you can control and monitor your laundry remotely. Start or track wash cycles, diagnose issues and download additional wash cycles using your smartphone.

The inverter direct drive motor ensures a reliable, quiet and durable washing experience, with fewer moving parts compared to traditional systems that use belts and pulleys.

Experience the convenience, performance and intelligent fabric care of the LG Series 9 12kg/8kg Front Load Washer Dryer Combo with Steam.

Intelligent Fabric Care

LG front load washers with AI Direct Drive technology can weigh the load and assess fabric softness to automatically select the optimal wash motions for thorough cleaning and clothing care.

Washer and Dryer in One

This large capacity machine combines a 12kg washer with a 8kg dryer for the convenience of doing your laundry from start to finish in a single appliance.

Easy Everyday Refresh

Refresh your clothes in between washes and eliminate unwanted odours, giving you fresh clothes without having to launder them every time.

Smart control, smart life

LG ThinQ technology incorporates intelligent features that let you remotely start or monitor your wash progress. You can also track wash cycle history, diagnose and troubleshoot issues and download additional wash cycles.

Factory Second, 1 Year Warranty