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Miele WWD320 8kg Front Load Washing Machine


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Miele’s front-load washing machines care for your garments and, with an abundance of practical features, they care for the user as well. This W1 Series machine can accommodate laundry loads of up to eight kilograms.

The heart of the machine is the intelligent ProfiEco motor, engineered to resist wear and tear as it delivers powerful, economical wash results. Your clothes are in good hands as they move inside the patented Honeycomb Drum, with a hexagonal sculptured surface that allows garments to glide across a thin layer of water. The machine features a wide array of programs to treat specific fabrics and soiling levels. Wash woollens without the worry of shrinkage. Use the exclusive Express 20 program to eradicate light soiling in just 20 minutes. For more severe soiling, harness the convenience of QuickPowerWash for fast and thorough cleaning in just 49 minutes. If you frequently wash fabrics that require extra-special treatment, the machine allows for CapDosing with Miele detergent capsules, designed to enter the drum at the optimum moment. Thanks to a pre-ironing function, your clothes will emerge from the drum with fewer creases, meaning up to 50% less time hunched over the ironing board.

Give your garments the gentle care they deserve with this versatile front-load washer from Miele.

CapDosing functionality

Certain items of clothing, such as woollens or outerwear, require a more considered wash. Miele Caps are loaded with detergents that have been tailored to specific fabrics. Place your capsule into the fabric conditioner compartment and the machine will dispense the detergent at the optimum time in the cycle, without the need to intervene.

Honeycomb Drum

For gentle treatment of your garments, the washing machine drum has a hexagonal sculptured surface. Your clothes will glide over a thin film of water in a motion that protects their fibres.


When time is of the essence, the QuickPowerWash program is your saviour. It replicates the thorough cleaning performance of a standard 2-hour program in just 49 minutes.

ProfiEco motor

Purchasing a Miele front-load washing machine is a lifestyle investment. You can have faith in this machine’s longevity thanks to the optimised ProfiEco motor that is quiet, energy-efficient, and resistant to wear and tear.

Brand New Stock, Damaged Box, 2 Years Warranty