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Rinnai EnergySaver Natural Gas Heater K561FTN


Out of stock

Simple maintenance

To keep this heater running smoothly, you should try to keep its filter clean and clear of lint. A light on the control panel will indicate when the filter needs some attention, but it’s recommended you clean it about once a week regardless.

Discreet installation

Rinnai has designed this heater with a slim profile, so it can sit neatly out of the way while keeping your room nice and warm. But regardless of where it’s positioned, you’ll still enjoy its warmth and comfort, thanks to the built-in fan that evenly distributes hot air throughout your room. The cool touch cabinet can be positioned fairly close to most furniture without much risk.

Schedule your heating

As well as selecting a temperature of your choice from the digital control panel, you can also program heater’s dual digital timers with start and stop times that suit your schedule, for true Set and Forget operation. The heater can also be set to start pre-heating the room before your selected time, so your room reaches your chosen temperature at exactly the time programmed, or you can run the Economy mode to enjoy greater efficiency.

Efficiently heats sizable rooms

According to Rinnai, this heater can effectively warm rooms of between 47 and 85 square metres, depending on your local climate. In very cold areas, it’s more effective on smaller rooms, and in milder areas, it’s better in larger rooms.

Brand New, 5 Years Warranty