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Samsung 10kg A.I. Front Load Washing Machine (White) WW10T654DLE


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Hygiene Steam Cycle
Use the power of steam to maximise the quality of your wash and help sanitise your clothes. With the powerful steam cycle, your clothes are thoroughly saturated to help attack up to 99.9% of certain common bacteria1.

Powerful cleaning in 59 mins2
No time to waste? The Super Speed cycle cuts a 5Kg wash time to just 39 minutes by using Speed Spray and accelerating the spin speed.

Add forgotten items mid-wash3
Missed an item? The Add Wash™ door lets you simply add forgotten clothing or fabric softener after the wash cycle has started. You can also pop in handwashed clothing that just need a rinse or spin dry.

BubbleWash™ and BubbleSoak™
Enjoy efficient cleaning, even at low temperatures. BubbleWash™ is designed to generate foam by pre-mixing detergent with air and water from the beginning of the cycle. And BubbleSoak™ is an optional pre-treatment cycle in which clothes are thoroughly soaked in active bubbles before your wash cycle.

AI Control
Make laundry day less of a chore by using AI-Pattern for your most preferred or frequently used settings that reflect changes in your lifestyle, usage pattern or seasonality7.

Personal Laundry Assistant4
‘Laundry Recipe’ recommends the optimal wash cycle while the ‘Laundry Planner’ curates your daily laundry schedule to help manage finish times. ‘Home Care Wizard’ helps maintain optimal performance with quick troubleshooting service.

Drum Clean+
Help keep the door and inside of your washer hygienic with Drum Clean+. A powerful jet and fast spinning action help remove grime or residual detergent that collects on the inside of the washing machine. And it notifies you when it’s time to clean again!5

Stay Clean Drawer
A specially designed water flushing system helps ensure the detergent is washed away to help remove unsightly soap residue and keep the tray clean.

11 year parts warranty
Digital Inverter Technology utilizes strong magnets for a quiet and powerful performance. By eliminating the use of brushes, it provides outstanding durability backed-up by an 11 year parts warranty6.

Key Features

Hygiene Steam Cycle

Super Speed Cycle

Personalised AI settings

AddWash™ Door

BubbleWash™ and BubbleSoak™

SmartThings & Wi-fi compatible

Drum Clean+

Stay Clean Drawer

Factory Second, 1 year warranty